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We can handle all your oil water separator, stormwater diversion, and waste removal needs. Our team of friendly technicians are highly trained professionals with over 25 years’ experience.

Whether you’re a small business, a government service or a large corporation, we can help you with everything from oil water separator service, pump outs, waste water system installation.  


oil water separators

Regular Maintenance
Oily Water Pump Out
Design & Install

We provide regular maintenance and oily water pump out to over 400 sites across Queensland & New South Wales.  Our 20-point maintenance checklist will ensure your separator is kept in peak condition to protect the environment, meet all regulatory standards and operate effectively to minimise any unexpected disruptions to your business.

Our expert team can also design and install Oil Water Separator systems and advise on the most practical and cost-effective solution at your location.

Waste Disposal

Oily Water Holding Tanks
Oil Filters & Rags
Hazardous & Packaged Waste

We offer scheduled and ad hoc collection services for your Oily Water Holding Tanks. Oil Filters & Rags, and Hazardous & Packaged Waste.   

Where possible oily rags and waste oil can be extracted and reused to help minimise the impact on the environment and reduce landfil waste.  Hazardous waste is securely transported using licensed trucks and deposited with regulatory-approved disposal services.    

We can help you dispose of your waste in a clean and fully compliant manner, and help you manage your Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) obligations.  

Stormwater Diversion Systems

Diversion Valves & Pumps
Wash Down Bays
First Flush Systems

Stormwater diversion systems ensure contaminated water from commercial or industrial sites is diverted away from natural stormwater flows.

ClearWaste can ensure your stormwater diversion system is functioning correctly with regular servicing and testing of diversion valves and pumps

We can manage the design and install of first flush systems, wash down bays and spill control systems.

Chemical Sales & Water Testing

Degreaser & Detergent Sales
Water Sampling 
Laboratory Testing

We offer a range of quick break detergents and degreasers that are custom made to suit automotive sites, workshops and wash bays.

We perform certified water sampling for any site to ensure your wastewater is clean and at environmentally responsible effluent levels.

Over 25 years we have built an extensive network with Local Authorities, chemical manufacturers, NATA-approved laboratory testing, and Department of Environment-approved waste removers.  

frequently asked questions

What frequeny do I need to service my Oil Water Separator?

Generally, we recommend a separator service every 3 months and a pump out every 6 months (every second separator service). Of course, the service and pump out frequency may need to increase depending on the type of equipment you wash and how much solid buildup is in your tank.

These are generally the minimum frequencies required by your waste-water authority. At the end of the day, it is their infrastructure at risk if you don’t comply, meaning they will monitor and impose penalties for non-compliance.

Do I need oily water pumped out?

Over time your oily water holding tank and wash bay pit will gather solids and debris. This will eventually be sucked into your pump causing it to fail and costing you more for repairs.

Broken pumps can also cause tanks to overflow with contaminated waste flowing into storm water drain and on to creeks and waterways. This will attract the unwanted attention of the DES (Department of Environment and Science), along with hefty fines and expensive remediation works.

Can I just wait for council to ask me to service my oil water separator?

In order to be sure that you will avoid hefty costs for non-compliance, you should be already having these items serviced. That way, you can point them in our direction, and we will provide all necessary documentation to show you are fully compliant.

If servicing evidence, and licensed waste disposal evidence cannot be shown, you may be penalized by the relevant authority.

Where is the pump out waste taken?

ClearWaste currently takes the approach of matching the most suitable waste transport with the most cost effective and environmentally friendly disposal options.

You can rest assured, that your waste will be transported by a suitably licensed, safe and professional waste transporter. If suitable your waste will be taken to a facility that is able to completely treat, and reuse your waste in applications such as soil production. This is a significant benefit of using ClearWaste for your services as we aren’t locked into our own company’s disposal facilities and treatment methods in the same manner that others are.

Once confirmed, we may be able to divert all your liquid waste away from landfill, and you can then let your customers know that you’re doing your part to drive environmentally friendly, sustainable practices.

What are the penalties for non-compliance?

The penalties for business can be significant and will depend on the waste-water authority in your area.

Failure to have pre-treatment devices serviced in accordance with the specified frequencies will impact on the quality of the trade waste discharged to the wastewater system.  Accordingly, most council’s reserve the right to apply increased trade waste volumetric charges, as well as sample analysis costs.

Continued failure to service the devices will constitute a Trade Waste Approval non-compliance and require the implementation of corrective actions.  In these instances, council can engage a licensed liquid waste transporter or agent to service the device if the specified service frequencies have not been met.  The cost of the service, together with an administration fee, will be charged on the subsequent property rates notice.


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