A quick guide to what oily wastewater actually is, and why its safe removal is critical for your business

Oily wastewater is an inevitable byproduct of many industries. And with local councils providing strict regulations about how this should work, it’s important that you know what it is you’re dealing with.

ClearWaste provides the experience and expertise in a range of waste removal services to ensure your business remains on the good side of your local council.

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What is oily wastewater?

Oily wastewater is exactly what it sounds like: it’s wastewater that contains any oils, grease, or fats. 

Prominent in the oil and food & beverage industry, for obvious reasons, oil water waste is also a big byproduct in the energy sector, and mechanical industry. When left untreated oily wastewater can leach into our drinking water, cause pollution in our rivers and oceans, and damage our local fauna.

How oil water waste removal works

For businesses who produce oily wastewater it’s critical that it’s removed from their facilities safely and hygienically.

There are a few different stages involved in thorough oily water removal, which relate to the size of your business.

Stage 1

Your business treats the oily wastewater itself. This typically involves using oil or grease traps to remove any solids, grease, oils, and fats. For larger volumes, you might use a triple interceptor to prevent any trade waste substances entering the sewer system directly from your facilities.

Stage 2

For larger businesses, a Dissolved Air Flotation tank might be used to perform comprehensive waste oil removal. This process is more efficient at clarifying wastewater, and removing suspended oils and solids.

Stage 3

For larger businesses, this is where ClearWaste comes into it.

We undertake your oily water removal services for you. We collect your oily water and arrange for transportation to a recycling facility. Here it’s treated further, and re-used in products like composts and soils.

How much does oil water waste removal cost?

We typically price your oil water waste removal based on the volume you need removing, the size of your facility, any specific wastewater hazards, and factor in an hourly rate.

With over 30 years’ experience in oily water removal services, ClearWaste are experts in the safe, hygienic, and efficient removal of waste oil from your facilities. Contact us today to get your quote.