If your business produces wastewater, then it’s likely you’ll need an oil water separator.

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What is an oil water separator?

An oil water separator is the piece of equipment that filters out the main contaminants from water, such as free-floating and dissolved oils, grease, suspended solids, and hydrocarbons. It leaves only the non-hazardous wastewater, which is then safe to discharge in the appropriate discharge point.

Do I need an oil water separator?

An oil water separator allows you to maintain compliance with your local water authority regulations, and avoid large fines—or even suspensions—due to noncompliance.

Your business needs to use an oil water separator if you:

  • Produce wastewater as part of your routine operations
  • Discharge any amount of wastewater into public drainage systems

If you do, you must comply with your local water authority requirements. These will be based on the type of wastewater you produce, which in turn dictates the type of oil water separator you need.

Industries that need an oil water separator

If your business operates in one of the following industries, you’ll likely need to use an oil water separator.

  • Mining, including metal, coal, and gold mines
  • Automotive, including car sales, car repair, and car washing
  • Transport, such as airports, rail depots, or bus depots
  • Service stations and truck stops
  • Workshops, whether it’s automotive, electrical, or equipment hire
  • Government services, local councils, and emergency services

Wastewater treatment is vital, for a number of reasons

When not properly treated, wastewater contains hazardous materials and toxins that can cause long-term damage to our local ecosystems. It can harm our beautiful waterways, local animals and plants, and contaminate our water systems, making them unsafe for humans to drink, or even touch.

Because of these potential effects, the Environmental Protect Agency and your local water authority have strict rules and regulations in place to ensure your business does the right thing. If you don’t comply, or actively flout these rules, you’re in for a hefty fine—it’s as simple as that.

So, does my business need an oil water separator?

As a business owner it’s your responsibility to ensure you’re compliant with local wastewater treatment regulations. So, it’s up to you to ensure you have the right oil water separator in place for your business.

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